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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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the money intrigue. twenty. this is news live from barely a u.s. ruling threatens to bring a chemical giant tweaks mean a dying man awarded millions of dollars after a jury says a month from to be killed that gave him cancer the company is facing thousands of similar lawsuits to find out what this means for monsanto and for its german owners also coming up. one year after the violence in charlottesville shocked the world
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the families remember those killed by u.s. correspondents meets a mother carrying on i don't to struggle against white supremacy. the leader of spain and germany reach an agreement on migration with the greek promising to take back my grandson leave for germany but critics say that will do little to stop the flow. of money welcome to the program a jury in the u.s. state of california has found guilty of causing terminal cancer in a plaintive was exposed to its weed killer as well they ordered the chemicals giant which is now owned by germany's bya to pay two hundred fifty million dollars in punitive damages plus that one million compensation court's authority is in san
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francisco fastrack the case because the man is dying wayne johnson had used the chemicals in his job as a groundskeeper. did roundup pro or ranger pro fail to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would have expected when you used or misused in an intended or reasonably foreseeable way answer yes was the roundup pro or ranger pro design a substantial factor in causing harm to mr johnson answer yes. what amount of punitive damages if any do you award to mr johnson answer two hundred fifty million dollars i'm glad to be here to be able to help with a cause is way bigger than me so hopefully this thing will start to get the attention that it needs to get right supposed to make a good choice every major known human carcinogen had a moment like this
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a moment when the science finally caught up when they could no longer bury it where people had to actually look at it and say we have a problem and this case is that moment. so that case was the first such ruling on one sounds as round of weed killer which contains a gradient to life for say to los angeles new german on a by a believes that the jury is mistaken and they will appeal but we're now going to talk to a who's actually been following this story for us thank you for joining us and if so what can you tell us about rhonda it's it's for many years been the most commonly used we kill in the world it's used around the globe it's been in use for more than forty years everybody's using it people use it in their private gardens people use it in commercial nurseries people use it's farmers uses acca agricultural it's all over the place and has been used for very long time. the problem is that this guy for say eight ingredient which is what kills the plants
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that you spray it on to is now controversial has been for some years and there are a number of countries around the world that have banned it or at least very strictly limited how much it can be used and how much can be used in public places like pots and things like that so we just saw him up on our screens showing just how widely used round up is is that why this case is so important you have the map the map is showing which countries are actually banning all restricting the use of round up or of life to say containing we can as yet the problem is that it is being you. everywhere and now the company produces the monsanto now and by by as you said that company says that this is therefore the most studied we've career in the world and that nothing new no nothing has come up yet to prove it and this case is crucial because it's the first one to actually make that specific link between round up and actual cancer that is killing this man and many others but it looks
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like this case is not over yet as we mentioned by is looking to appeal the ruling they don't want to pay when johnson they don't want to pay any of the others who are lining up to make similar claims and they said they will fight it they're doubling down the same that life sate is not cancer cuss in a general but the interesting thing is that they keep saying the dice of fate itself is not carcinogenic what was it was argued in the in the court room was that it wasn't that chemical itself but that it was a combination of that plus a second chemical in the week which made sure that the drive to say it went into that goes into the lease of the plant but this combination is so carcinogenic and that's something that monsanto hasn't really yet address it'll be interesting to see how much science ends up in the courtrooms certainly had a cleaver thank you very much for your insights the u.s. city of charlottesville virginia is preparing to mark one year since violence
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surrounding white supremacist rally has claimed the lives of three people commemorations have kicked off with peaceful protests and a memorial service honoring the dead the city is expecting large crowds to an activist had to hire who was killed in last year's riots more than one thousand police are stationed around charlottesville ahead of further remembrance events tomorrow. our correspondent alexandra phenomenon is in charlottesville where she met high as mother. always had that sparkle in her eyes who mobbers susan bro kills me when we meet in charlottesville. carrying on her daughter's fight for social justice she says helps her to cope with the grief when i first held the urn with her ashes. and i realized that urn in my arms was about the same weight of the same size as she was the day she was formed
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that was hard. hier believed in standing up to discrimination so when far right nationalists came to town she joined her black friends to protest in august last year white supremacist neo nazis and members of old tried groups from across the country covered to challenge the bill from the now infamous unite the right rally klesha soon broke out between the group and county demonstrators. the violence ultimately maps to highlands. this is the place where it happens right here a car driven by a white supremacist smashed into a group of counter protesters killing heather higher and injuring many others hires this sparked outrage across the country which was employed fired by president strums failure to clearly condemn white nationalists and neo nazis for the violence
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at charlottesville for many here this was the moment they decided to stand up against hatred bigotry and racism an outpouring of public support has encouraged activists like delaine smit the roots of racism run deep here she says pointing to the state's confederate general robert e. lee still standing proud as just one example but for too long people of shannon's bill didn't want to confront the issue schmidt tells me they wanted their peace and quiet white supremacy is part of the everyday fabric. of our political life our economic life the way policing is conducted against black people and you know so there's much more discussion of this you know even among people especially white people who were previously very kind of self-satisfied and thought that everything was fine. and see any verse three approaches still ancient and other local activists told a panel discussion to promote the importance of remaining vigilant. this is.
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if you eat meat. simply ignoring the problem they say want to make it go away. well let's look at some of the other stories making news around the world turkish president. has escalated his round with the united states over detention of an american. one has told supporters he would be brought into line by threats the turkish lira has hit record lows of to washington announced it would hike steel and medium tariffs on turkish imports police in the united states say a suicidal and i an employee store and empty passenger plane on friday and then crashed it into an island near seattle two army jets pursued the plane but were unable to prevent it from coming down and sparking off a fire official say the pilot was likely killed in the crash.
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there's no end in sight to california's wildfire merging with a rapidly moving blaze breaking out north of san francisco and destroying dozens of hectares of land two major fires elsewhere in the state's north have been mostly contained but a massive blaze in the state so has nearly doubled in size. wildlife officials in mexico have been jolted by the unexplained deaths of dozens of manatees in the country's south and coast at least twenty dead man if you have been found this since may researchers are currently testing for contamination and trying to relocate the animals to safer areas. i got america says the dublin rules governing the treatment of migrants in europe don't work those rules required migrants to seek asylum in the first country they entered medical suspended that requirement during the migration crisis we as ago when around one million people enter germany in spain she agreed to
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a new approach on migration with prime minister pedro sanchez the two leaders are holding informal talks amid growing numbers there. as spanish prime minister pedro sanchez welcomed his german counterpart to southern spain for informal talks a new deal took a fact spain will take back migrants already registered there who reach germany. although the number of such cases is low it's an important agreement for america. it's a commitment to help another country is struggling with an issue. just as germany is committed to helping spain for example with morocco. your daughter who from almost every day migrants arrive on spanish shores from morocco close to twenty four thousand have arrived this year migrants are now entering spain and italy.
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calls for a common response from the e.u. . the solidarity of the whole european union in dealing with the challenge of migration. but the spanish and german leaders will present their common vision on migration at an e.u. summit next month. to remain and now where more protests are being held in the capital bucharest and to government activists are gathering in victoria square to demonstrate against corruption no wages and a lack of opportunities in the south east european country on friday around four hundred fifty protesters were injured in clashes police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstration an estimated fifty thousand people joined the call to oust the current left wing government the united nations is raising the
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alarm over a growing crisis involving venezuelan migrants hyperinflation and chronic shortages of food and basic supplies of prompted hundreds of thousands to flee venezuela many have headed for brazil which recently reopened its northwestern border after a judge had ordered its closure others have chosen to cross into colombia up into the heights of the andes and into ecuador it's an exhausting journey taking several days and spanning thousands of kilometers. they come with hope and what little they can carry. only to find this a long wait in the cold with other desperate venezuelans trying to cross from colombia into ecuador the numbers are overwhelming the u.n. says more than half a million venezuelans have fled to ecuador this year. volunteers help how they can phones for a call home to loved ones left behind as venezuela spirals downward or you
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might be facing the most difficult of all has been leaving our families our children our wives what more can i say it's a tough blow me to. a recent surge of venezuelan arrivals up to forty five hundred daily as the tito to declare a state of emergency. to jump fueled by fears the border will close if colombia's new right wing president decides to get tough on migration . here in brazil another exodus of venezuelans that has locals wringing their hands hundreds have been turning up daily many without money sleeping rough which i mean. i'm hoping to spend all my life here in brazil for me not to be here out on the street to find a place to live look after my family i mean for me. a judge this week in
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the northern province did order the border with that a swale are closed authorities said they're facing a humanitarian crisis and can't handle the numbers the ruling a sense been overturned. the u.n. has set up a base here to help process fleeing venezuelans and they keep coming as their home unfolds further into an economic tailspin and. well from us in exactly forty five minutes thank you for watching. state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. on g.w. dot com.


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